Friday, November 11, 2011

Why can't 10 be a tween?

Half Passt Kissin Time (As a 10 year old I am strongly opposed to kissing.) hosts Friday Fragments each week. My Dad, aka Home School Dad, participates a lot. He suggested that I do so as well.

Here we go . . .

I just turned 10. My Dad says that 10 year olds aren't tweens. I think that tween is in between single digits and teens. So, now that I am a double digits I think I am a tween. Don't get me wrong, I still play with toys (mostly Legos).


I want this blog to have more followers than my Dad's. So if you are a kid, or know a kid who likes Star Wars, Legos, robotics or soccer have them follow me. My Dad has 73 followers and he just told me that he is going to start trying to get to 100 followers. I can get there first with your help.


I went to the Circus last week. It was awesome! Before the show, we got goody bags with a program and a light up toy. We went on the circus floor and I got lots of autographs from the clowns and the ringmaster.


There it is, my first Friday Fragments. For more fragments click here.




  1. Welcome to Friday Fragments! I'm not a kid anymore, but I still own a TON of legos. My son is 14 and enjoys most everything you do.

  2. Welcome! I have lots of students who love Legos, too! I also know a lot of student bloggers. They, too, use Blogger, and many of them have the Follower widget, so you can check them out here:

    They're 15-16 years old and attend an all-girls school in Ireland. I've found them to be very nice girls, and I'm sure you could get many of them to follow you :) (Follow, not kiss, so you're safe there :)

  3. I didn't go to the circus, but I saw a clown that used to be in the circus at the library this weekend. He was pretty awesome.