Friday, August 29, 2014

Pokemon my new favorite game

I just started playing a couple of months ago. I am playing Pokemon Fire Red. You start in Palate Town.
You go to Prof. Oak. You can chose one of these:
I chose Charmander. Then you go to Viridian city. And go to the pokemart and  talk to the salesman he will give you a custom pokeball for Prof. Oak. He will give you five pokeballs and the pokedex after you give him the custom pokeball. Then you can catch other Pokemon. Here are the links for the game:

Controls z=a x=b Enter=menu space=super-sped

My team is
Charizard level 58

pikachu level 24
 kaboto level 21

 Vaporeon level 27

 Snorlax level 39
 Pidgeotto level 35

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